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Wit's End Solutions Ltd offers web design services to individuals, organizations and small businesses in Derby and the East Midlands at competitive prices. Wit's End also produces bespoke software solutions, mainly in the health care arena.

Web Design

At Wit's End Solutions you will find a friendly, approachable service that is dedicated to meeting your design needs. Your product will be tailored to any special requirements that you have, to ensure that it promotes your products and offers you the best possible solution. Your web site will be compliant with the latest standards for XHTML and CSS, and will be validated against W3C standards using W3C validators. This maximises your audience by producing websites that are compliant with the widest possible range of browsers, operating systems and hardware.

Please feel free to browse this site and see for yourself how Wit's End Solutions Ltd can turn your problem into an asset.

Bespoke Software

Abacus v1.3 is a limb volume calculator used by lymphoedema nurses and therapists, that is suitable for small clinics and single-handed practices. It offers a simple easy-to-use interface and a choice of calculation formulae that take the stress out of limb volume calculation. It is available to purchase from this web site, and is suitable for Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems. Please follow the links in the main navigation to learn more.


Abacus v2.0

The next generation of Abacus is currently in development. Previous versions used the now deprecated MS Jet database engine, which had a number of limitations and prevented cross-platform development, and this has necessitated a complete re-design. Abacus v2.0 will initially be available for Windows operating systems (Win10, Win8.1, Win7, and XP) and ultimately also for Apple OSX. The mobile operating systems iOS and Android will not at this time be supported, but mobile versions of Abacus may follow if there is sufficient interest to justify the development.

After the launch of Abacus v2.0, older versions of Abacus will no longer be supported by upgrades, and there are currently no plans to issue any upgrades in the meantime. Existing customers will be offered substantial discounts on the price of the new version, and full support in transferring their databases to the new format. We shall of course continue to provide general help and advice for all versions as at present.